Beaver and Andy

One of the more adult themed Leave it to Beaver episodes was Beaver and Andy. I’ll see if you can guess what type of adult theme it was, but back in the 1950s, a more innocent time, the subject matter described in this episode was dealing with what was basically an adult problem. But as we all know today, things have changed and there are kids now dealing with this issue. As may may know about child actors who began a downward spiral with Andy’s weakness as seen in this episode of Leave it to Beaver.

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In this episode, an old friend named Andy comes to visit Ward. What is his last name?
This episode deals with a difficult theme. What is it?
The actor who played Andy, over the years, also played two other characters on Leave it to Beaver. They were ______________ and _______________.
What kind of work does Andy offer to do for Ward?
The actor who played Andy was named ______________.

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