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Ever been expelled?

As for me, I can’t remember one kid in the second grade that ever got expelled. But that’s what Beaver is convinced will happen to him when he has a note given to him by his new teacher Miss Canfield. Back in the first grade I did do something that would probably have me crucified today, and that was sitting under a table with a couple so-called friends who wanted us to watch as girls walked by in their dresses, trying to catch a glimpse of something. I’m not even sure what we were trying to see. My so-called friends were those like Gilbert or Larry who were always trying to get Beaver in trouble. Yep, that was me, I was as innocent as Theodore Cleaver.

I did have notes sent home with me from the teacher now and then and they did always seem to strike a bit of fear in me. Actually, in second grade, during a time when my mom and dad were getting a divorce, I was talked to many times by my teacher out in the hallway and notes were given to take home. It seemed I was having a bit of trouble with my grades and she was quite concerned. I tried to contact Ms. Bricker just last year and found out she had died a few months earlier. She was a caring teacher, just like Miss Canfield. I wish I could’ve told her what a difference she made in my life. Her talks to me in the hallway were encouraging talks, not disciplinary in nature : )

We all watch the happenings in Mayfield, some of us every day because we love the memories of good times and innocence. If you happen to have had a good teacher from back then that you can thank, someone who made a positive difference in your life like Miss Canfield and later, Miss Landers, did for Beaver, find a way to thank them today. Teachers don’t move around a lot. Once they find a good school, they stay. Search them out and send an email or a card. It will make them feel amazing.

One of the best parts of this episode is the sneaky way Wally and Beaver get out of taking a bath. They pretend to take one, and before draining the water, Wally asks Beaver for the dirt he had brought home for his turtle (a turtle never seen or heard from again). He takes that dirt and throws it in the bath water they had drawn and splashed their hands in. As the water drains, Wally proclaims, “It’ll leave a ring.” He ten tells Beaver they can’t open the note he brought home from the teacher because, “That’d be dishonest.”

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Even though I’ve seen this episode maybe fifty times, I still love it. This is one of my favorite Leave it to Beaver episodes. How about you? Have you ever had a note to bring home from the teacher? If so, what did it say? Also, what are some ways you got out of taking a bath when you were a kid? Let all of your fellow Leave it to Beaver fans know about your childhood secrets in the comments below. Thanks.

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