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LITB Second Season

Leave it to Beaver Season Two Episode List

Leave it to Beaver Season One Episodes 1958-1959 #1 Beaver’s Poem Date: October 2, 1958 Writer: Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher, Dick Conway and Roland MacLane   Director: Norman Tokar #2 Eddie’s...

Beaver 1

Leave it to Beaver Season One Episode List

Debuting in 1957 on the day the Russians sent up their Sputnik satellite, Leave it to Beaver has traveled around the world for much longer than the Russians ever dreamed Sputnik would travel.

Eddie by Christopher J Lynch

Eddie by Ken Osmond and Christopher J. Lynch

Eddie: The Life and Times of America's Preeminent Bad Boy by Ken Osmond and Christopher Lynch is a delight to read. You'll read stories about the actor who portrayed Eddie Haskell that aren't what you would epxect.

Beaver and Andy

The Leave it to Beaver (Beaver and Andy) Quiz

Some people think Leave it to Beaver only focused on the sunshine and good times in Mayfield, USA. But there were a few episodes that dealt with more serious issues. Beaver and Andy was one such episode.

- Beaver black eye

The Easiest Leave it to Beaver Quiz Ever

Everyone loves quizzes and this one is our first here at This Leave it to Beaver quiz is the easiest one ever. No googling allowed.