Lassie and Jeff

Watch Lassie Free – Episode 1 “Inheritance”

You can watch Lassie free here at Here in two videos is “Inheritance” from season one episode one. We hope you’ll enjoy watching free classic TV shows here on...

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Lassie Season Two Episodes

Season two is one of the best early seasons of Lassie a.k.a. Jeff's Collie to watch, especially "The Dog Show" and the Christmas episode, "The Gift."

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Lassie Episodes Season One

One of the family friendliest shows ever to appear on television, the first few years of the show featured Tommy Rettig as Jeff and Pal as Lassie.

Lassie and Tommy Retig

The Lassie TV Show (1954-1973)

Eric Knight was born in Yorkshire, England in 1897. Over one hundred years later, one of his literary creations is still popular throughout the world. This creation is the beautiful collie named Lassie.